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NuGene Regenerative Shampoo for $37

Nugene Eye Serum

Designed to prevent and correct wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, dryness and dark circles, this innovative product relies on our cutting-edge stem cell technology—along with multiple growth factors and other nourishing ingredients—to breathe new life into the area of the face most susceptible to the visible signs of age: the eye contour. It works continuously to help reverse skin damage, minimize the appearance of future signs of aging, and restore youthful luminosity around the eyes, fostering skin

NuGene Face Wash 6.1 oz for $27
NuGene Regenerative Conditioner for $37
NuGene Eye Serum 3.1 oz $135

Anti-Hair Loss Serum

This potent formulation—complete with NuGene’s signature stem cell technology—revs up sluggish hair follicles with essential growth factors and cytokines, effectively addressing the root causes of hair loss and thinning. It works not only to prevent future hair loss, but to revitalize follicular activity that will restore a youthful head of hair.


NuGene Anti-Hair Loss Serum for $113

NuGene by kathy ireland

NuGene Face Wash

NuGene’s Face Wash, a human stem cell derived cleanser with growth factors & polypeptide complexes, is the newest advancement in cosmeceutical technology. As an anti-aging cleanser,it is formulated with a unique blend of multiple growth factors, cytokines and rich pentapeptide complexes. NuGene’s Face Wash also contains caprylyl glycol which provides moisture to hydrate the face and is often used in a preservative blend.

NuGene’s Face Wash minimizes the visibility of pores and softens imperfections for a flawless appearance while the natural cleansing agents gently wash away dirt, oil, and makeup leaving the skin refreshed, smooth, clean and hydrated.

Nugene Regenerative Conditioner

Fortified with NuGene’s unique growth factors, this hydrating, shine-enhancing conditioner utilizes additional key ingredients—vitamins and polypeptide complexes, to name a few—to instantly smooth even the coarsest, most damaged strands. With regular use, it fosters stronger, shinier, younger-looking hair that’s easier to style.

Nugene Universal Serum

Formulated with multiple human growth factors, polypeptides, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, NuGene’s signature serum encourages aging skin to behave more like younger skin, making an unmistakable improvement in the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, rough texture and more. It encourages skin’s natural defense mechanisms against premature aging, while boosting other vital matrix structures, preventing environmental damage, improving texture and thickness, and restoring skin’s natural luminosity. The result is a radiantly youthful complexion.

Nugene Regenerative Shampoo

Along with growth factors, polypeptide complexes and vitamins, this functional formula leverages antioxidants, an exclusive multi-protein blend, and botanical oils to rejuvenate the hair, follicle and scalp. In addition to increasing hydration, vibrancy and shine, it works to protect hair from environmental assault, preventing and correcting breakage, thinning and split ends.