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Travis W. - Malvern, PA [5.0 star rating] 12/6/2015*
I started going here in Feb of 2014 because I was new to PA. The cold weather dried my skin out really bad. Erin introduced me to the Hydra Facial. My results were phenomenal! I did this about every 3 weeks and after my third Hydra Facial I could not be more pleased. Pore size decreased and skin was smooth, plump, and hydrated. I then tried the Tripollar Apollo to sculpt my face. I followed up with 2 more Apollo treatments. I attended an event in DC and everybody was telling me my face looked really nice. Got lots of compliments on my cheekbones. Thank you Apollo and Erin lol!!! I then tried their Micro-needling. You can see a difference the next day but after a couple of weeks skin started looking amazing and you can see the collagen production. No pores!!! #Flawless skin. My friends were all telling me how great I looked! I absolutely love the hydro facial and Apollo. I went back yesterday for another Microneedling procedure. I woke up this morning no lines. I'm excited to see my Microneedling results keep improving. Usually takes about 4 weeks to see ultimum results. I look about 7 years younger seriously!!! I'm thinking of places to go just so I can show off my face!!! Love my skin!!! Thanks Erin!

​​Aline L - Malvern, PA [5.0 star rating] 8/31/20155*

I have been doing my laser hair removal treatment there. The staff is great. I just did my 3rd session and I saw results instantly with this last one. Very professional! 
I definitely recommend this Spa!

Client Testimonials

Chris M. King of Prussia, PA [5.0 star rating] 12/5/2015*
Just got my Laser Skin Resurfacing after my BOTOX and WOW what a difference! Thank you Eden Medical Spa! I would recommend your services to everyone. Great place! Great Prices!!! I found my Laser Hair Removal special there and I saved more money than I would have if I bought it on Groupon! I bought it directly from their website, then called to schedule my appointment. It was simple and I saved money! Doesn't get much better.

Claire DiFrancesco*
This is the most exciting salon I have ever visited. It is just so beautifully decorated with orchids and original artwork. And they do anything from taking off inches to doing your hair and polishing your nails. And they give you complimentary chocolates and k-pacs of coffee, tea or cappuccino. And there's also a huge screen TV in the lounge. Never boring while you wait. I could go just to hang out. :)